Definitely not the Worst Driver Vinyl Car Decal


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Vinyl decal can be placed on cars, or any other hard surface, including laptops, cups or mugs, windows or mirrors. Decal is approximately 4 inches tall and is white.

Vinyl is very durable and should last many years indoors or outdoors, making it safe for use on vehicles.

Decal is removable but may damage paint or drywall if placed on wall.

How to place your decal?

  • Thoroughly clean surface you wish to place decal on.
  • Use a scraper tool or credit card, to ensure vinyl is adhered to clear transfer tape.
  • Flip vinyl so the white backing is face up, then gently peel off baking from the corner.
  • If vinyl is sticking to backing, use your scrapper tool or credit card to ensure it sticks to clear transfer tape.
  • Place vinyl on your chosen surface and rub over vinyl and transfer tape to ensure adhesion to your surface.
  • Peel transfer tape gently from a corner, and viola!


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