Hi, Everyone!

I’ve discovered that the joy of creating something beautiful with just a pair of needles and some yarn is truly unparalleled. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on your knitting journey, having access to a collection of fantastic free patterns can be a game-changer.

In this blog post, I am thrilled to share some of my favorite free knitting patterns that have captured my heart and challenged my skills. From cozy winter accessories to charming home décor items.

So, grab your yarn and needles, and let’s dive into a world of knitting bliss with these fabulous free patterns that are sure to spark your creativity and keep your needles clicking. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy project or a more intricate design to sink your teeth into, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s embark on this delightful knitting adventure together!

I love free patterns and I assume you do too.

They were my lifeline when I first learned to knit. Once you have your needles and your yarn and you’re ready to get started that’s sometimes where everything kind of falls apart. Sometimes you’re just looking for a quick knit and need a little help finding a project.

When I first got started video tutorials were priceless. It was hard to figure out where to look and what tutorials were right for me. I have two favorite channels that helped me a lot

So I have compiled a list of my favorite free beginner patterns and resources.

Favorite Video Resources – YouTube Links

Mama in a Stitch – beginner knitting tutorials

Brome Fields – knitting stitch tutorials

Ashley Lillis – beginner garment knitting

Favorite Free Beginner Friendly Patterns

When I say beginner friendly I mean nothing but knits and purls. (Maybe an increase or decrease here or there, but they’re the easiest ones, I promise.)

Disclaimer: I have not knit all of these patterns but I have read all of them and feel like they are super beginner friendly. If I haven’t knit them yet they are high on my to-knit list.

Blanket Patterns

These patterns are ones I really want to knit because they use some of my favorite yarns and it’s a great way to get exposure to the different stitches you can make using knits and purls. These patterns use chunky yarn and larger needles to ensure they’re not too long of a knit. Plus they’re adorable!

Rocky Mountain Sampler Blanket Knit by Mama in a Stitch

Rocky Mountain Sampler Blanket Knitting Pattern – Mama in a Stitch

Fall Cuddler Chunky Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern – Mama in a Stitch

Winter Cuddler Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern – Mama in a Stitch


Sweater Patterns

These patterns are all super cute and one of them has a very in depth video tutorial that teaches you how to knit, purl, cast-on, and bind off. I’ve included two sweaters and a cardigan.

Simple Knit Sweater – Sewrella (complete start to finish tutorial)

Mondrian Pullover Knit by Two of Wands

Mondrian Pullover – Two of Wands

Dalia Cardigan – CJ Design


Beanie Patterns

Hats are my favorite to knit. Below are some favorites and one you can find here at TME. All of these knit up with bulky and super bulky yarn. All of these resources have other free beginner patterns and some have video tutorials as well.

Bulky Dottie Beanie – All about Ami

Luna Beanie – CJ Design

Holiday Hearts Hat Knit by Me

Holiday Hearts Hat Pattern – The Northern Moose

Chapel Hill Beanie – Taylor Made by Erin

Chapel Hill Beanie Knit by Me

Scarf/Cowl Patterns

Bulky Dotty Cowl Pattern – All About Ami

Make it in an Hour Neckwarmer – CJ Design

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf – All About Ami

Other Fun Projects

Here are some other fun knits to check out!

The Easiest Knit Dishcloth – Six Clever Sisters

The Coffee Bean Dishcloth – Knit and Life

Benson Throw Pillow Knit by Me

Knit Throw Pillow Patterns – Taylor Made by Erin

Chunky Knit Throw Pillow

Knit Throw Pillow

Christmas Tree Skirt Knitting Pattern – Handy Little Me