Hi, Everyone!

I have another free pattern for you. I’ve been wanting to release this free pattern for a few weeks but you know life gets in the way. With traveling, a sprained ankle, and a few colds its been pushed back but its here!

This is a quicker knit, using larger needles along with the super bulky yarn we all know I love. I love knitting this beanie and can whip one up in about 45 minutes. They almost sold out at my last market and I ended up keeping one for myself when I went on a family trip to Cleveland.

If you’ve made the Jordan Ear Warmer Pattern this is the beanie version and uses the same stitch for texture.

The the printable pdf of this pattern is available on my Etsy.

Stitches Used

Slipping Stitches With Yarn Held in Front – To complete this stitch, hold your working yarn to the front of your work and move the stitch from your left to right needle without as if you were going to purl the stitch.



K1, P1 Bind off


This pattern uses Super Chunky (size 6) yarn. My favorite (as we all know) is Lion Brand Wool Ease, Thick and Quick.


This pattern uses US No. 15 (10 mm) Circular Knitting Needles


Darning Needle (for weaving in ends)


Stitch Marker (I make and sell cute ones in my Etsy shop, check them out here!)


  • CO – Cast On
  • PM – Place Marker
  • K – Knit Stitch
  • P – Purl
  • WYIF – With Yarn in Front


CO 40 with Long Tail Cast on Method

*I suggest casting on an extra stitch to join invisibly in the round


Row 1-8 – *K1, P1*


Round 1 – *P1, K1*

Round 2 – *P1, K1*

Round 3 – *P1, Slip WYF*

Round 4 – *P1, K1*

Round 5 – *P1, K1*

Round 6 – *P1, Slip WIF*

Knit rounds 1-6 until beanie measures around 8-8.5 inches, stopping after rounds 3 or 6, before beginning decrease rounds.


*Move stitch marker one stitch to the right

Round 1 – *K2tog, K1, P1*

Round 2 – *K2tog, P1*

Round 3 – *K2tog, P1*


Cut yarn leaving an approximate 8 inch tail. Thread yarn needle with yarn tail and slip stitches off your left knitting needle. Cinch beanie tightly closed and weave in ends. Feel free to add a pom!